5 reasons why it is important to eat slowly

Nowadays the hectic lives we lead forces us to do everything in a hurry and even to eat quickly, a habit that hurts both our diet and our nervous system. Take advantage of the lunch time, especially during the working hours, to get a moment of rest, which never hurts!

What are the 5 reasons to eat slowly?


  1. Weight Loss

Chew your food slowly, according to studies, it helps us to lose weight. The reason is that chew slowly reduce the feeling of hunger. In addition, if we make longer breaks between meals and another, we will begin to feel full and eat less. Just the stuff ourselves makes us fat!

  1. To reduce the risk of diabetes

Eating too quickly exposes us to insulin resistance, which increases the risk of diabetes and possible heart problems. Eating slowly we can protect us from certain diseases.

  1. To reduce gastric reflux

Eating slowly reduces episodes of gastric reflux.

  1. To improve digestion

If the food is ingested slowly, our digestive system has time to work and work well. Of course also it depends on what we eat.

  1. To prevent anxiety

rapidly consume the foods does is increase the anxiety. bad chewing does not allow the proper absorption of essential nutrients that affect the nervous system.



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