Why you should start practicing yoga

With the approach of the colder months, it is likely that you are looking for a form of exercise that you can easily do it in a closed and providing a range of physical and mental benefits. ‘When it comes to yoga, I often hear that we refer to it as something that is used to relax, but it is not particularly difficult,’ says the teacher Yoga Smita Joshi. ‘It can aid relaxation, but often not until they have dedicated to a demanding ”

But certainly can not compare to the kind of activity that you would get from a summer run in the park? ‘The forms of yoga practice – Ashtanga Vinyasa and centric flow – are physically demanding and vigorous and have a profuse sweating’, says Joshi. ‘I have lost more than 11 kg and the accumulation of fat has been reduced substantially. Yoga can also help turn a deeper level: ‘. My muscles are more toned ‘says Joshi. ‘They also stretch the ligaments, brings softness and smoothness to the spine.’

A good teacher can affect your experience, a good look around to find a teacher with a solid training and someone whose teaching style will be right for you.
Follow your path of yoga and learn to be satisfied. This will encourage your body and mind to relax and to get faster results.
I often hear people saying that yoga is not for them because they have little elasticity – but this is a misnomer. Not only do most people do not have much flexibility to begin with, but yoga is also to develop strength and endurance.

Patience is a virtue. It may take a little ‘time to start seeing the benefits of yoga, in order to give the time it deserves.



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