Celebrities and nutritional advices

Who do you trust for health advice? This is something that we started to ask ourselves recently, in light of a couple of cases of tips from the celebrities not gone well.

You know the Paleo Diet? A well-known chef has proposed in his book The Paleo Diet for babies and children – the book was withdrawn from publication before arriving on the shelves, after it was discovered that one of the recipes had the potential to seriously harm a child, and perhaps eventually kill them.

The second case was that of Fine Gibson, founder of Pantry, a popular app for healthy cooking and wellness and a cookbook. Her story is that she has defeated the aggressive cancer by avoiding conventional treatment and instead using natural and organic foods therapies. The only problem is that the story was completely fabricated. E ‘was discovered last month that he had never had cancer and lied about many aspects of his life. Subsequently his empire collapsed ..

Then there are people like Gwyneth Paltrow, the movie star, offering regular diet and health tips, healthy cooking and has published books based on several unproven theories, such as detoxification, despite not having any formal training in nutrition. And there are many, many other examples, especially in the world of social media.

I think some of them may also be stimulating. There is nothing wrong with following a type of diet, but the problem arises when people become blinkered to the possibility that there are other alternatives.

When you see someone – no matter how attractive or famous is – that we hear a single effective way for all we must always be very very careful. Because, of course, there’s more than one way to eat to be healthy. A paleo diet – or a vegan, or raw diet, or a diet basI know the rate of carbohydrate – can be wonderful for some, but not at all feasible for others.

A dietitian nutritionist has years of training and continuing professional development. But just as important, it also has a responsibility and obligation of belonging to a professional body – making them responsible for all the advice they can give.

A celebrity does not have this. They do not have to answer to anyone, and if you follow their advice you are likely to end up with a nutritional deficiency, or an eating disorder, or worse. And when there are people who offer alternative treatments for diseases such as cancer – the results could be much worse.

So by all means, we read absorb a wide range of theories and information on health and wellness. But we must not forget to use our critical thinking skills. And if it sounds too good to be true, or too extreme, it probably is.



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