Is it healthy to eat carbohydrates after 17 pm?

Some diet books advise to eliminate carbohydrates or not to eat after 17.00 or 18.00. And ‘good advice?

These diets often reduce total carbohydrates and the subsequent energy intake by cutting out certain types of carbohydrates after 17:00 (such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, biscuits, sweets and soft drinks). Vegetables, dairy products and fruits are the only ones permitted carbohydrates.

There is some evidence to support it?

Search for Sanitarium with 4,800 journals of the National Library of Medicine has been unable to find a single study that has supported the theory that carbohydrates should be cut after 17:00 in order to lose weight. There are also no health authorities who support this approach.

In a recent conference at the University of Wollongong in Australia entitled i’Carboidrati, fats, proteins -? What is the optimal mix ‘, Janet Franklin from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, explained that “in practice there a diet suitable for everyone. Different approaches are needed for different people depending on their medical profile, their preferences style and favorite food, past experiences, and especially behavioral problems. most people know what types of foods should or should not eat, but it is not always easy to put into practice certain skills.

It works?

In theory, cutting some of carbohydrates after 17:00 or not to eat after 20.00 could reduce the total energy intake for the day. That is ultimately lead to a reduction of weight.

But realistically, this change in dietary pattern is too restrictive lifestyles of many people. After 17.00 is the social and family time. It ‘a time when the day’s activities areHe discussed in the course of a meal, which usually contains some carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

Are there better alternatives?

It would be better to reduce portion sizes and not avoid eating after 17 o’clock or eliminate carbohydrates. A recent study has shown that a decrease of the portions has led to a decrease of energy consumption, without starving variations reported.

When deciding the size of the portions, ask yourself these questions:

How much food I ate today – were big portions?
What kind of food I ate – were high in fat?
How much activity I did today?
If you ate a lot of food in large portions and have done little exercise, then opt for smaller portions of the evening is reasonable.

Lowering your fat intake will rudurrà total energy intake, and ultimately this will lead to weight reduction. No matter what time of day the fats are consumed, in fact at any time of the day will contribute to an increase in energy intake.

So, no carbs after 17.00?

It is not the time of day in which the foods are consumed, but is a combination of the total quantity of food, and from what foods are made, the amount of activity detected during the day and overall health that cause the increase of weight. If there is a balance between food intake and regular physical activity, body weight remains stable.

Some guidelines for a healthy diet

Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits.
Eat plenty of cereals (including breads, rice, pasta).
Prefer lean meat, fish, poultry and / or Alternative of proteins.
Include milk, yogurt, cheese and / or dairy alternatives – choose low fat varieties where possible.
Drink a lot of water.



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