The one week diet

Lose weight in a week just seems a mirage, but the truth is that it is possible, going so far as to lose 4 pounds.
This is the good news, of course. That is not good, is that most diets so fast, “miraculous” are very unbalanced.
And not only that: the consequence is often to only lose the excess liquid and leave us exhausted and more hungry than ever.

In addition, the first “mass” that is lost with a high protein diet is just too narrow lean mass, ie muscle and not stored fat.

Last but not least of the negative aspects is that the pounds lost very quickly tend in most cases to riaccumularsi in very little time – as soon as the diet ends -, and with a more damage: to unbalance our natural basal metabolism and find themselves more fattened than before.

But then it is to be avoided?
Not necessarily, especially starting to follow very specific nutritional and dietary recommendations.
The first basic rule – otherwise any weight loss regime will be useless anyway – is to choose to do the diet at the right time. Stress, fatigue, work problems, couple or family, anxiety, and of course any kind of health disorder are frequent for most of us, but the secret to losing weight – is meant in a healthy way – it is just to start a diet in a period of relative prosperity.
Maybe when I’m alone just the extra pounds to be more concerned about.

Equally important it is to assume the habit of drinking up to 2 liters of water a day.
Sip water even when you do not feel the sense of thirst regulates the body fluid, Circulation, respiration, but also fills the stomach, makes us feel less hungry or at least moves us away more easily tempted to munch on during the day.

Meals should be as regular as possible: the same time each day and divided equally.
Never skip breakfast, another important rule.
Despite the morning, the time available is increasingly scarce, eat early in the day used to activate as quickly as possible to your metabolism, which in this way will burn more calories ingested into the evening.

Another indication is essential to ingest lots of fiber, which, thanks to the water that we drink will swell in the stomach soothing sense of hunger.
However, let’s not forget that the fibers if they are excessively taken, causing swelling and irritamenti stomach, especially those more whole.

The secret then is to eat plenty of vegetables, at least 6 servings daily, choosing to taste and according to the preferred option.
The fruit is also indispensable ally of the diet, but with some cautions.
Because it contains sugar ready assimilation – fructose – the best thing is always to choose to eat between meals.
In this way the fruit will give us instant energy – as well as essential vitamins and minerals to our health – and not appesantirà digestion at the end of meals.
You may freely eat the fruit also in the morning: is an ideal solution to get the right sugar to start the day with energy, greatly limiting the calories in our diet.

Among the basic nutrients, carbohydrates are those morefficili to limit in a weight loss diet.
Bread, pasta, potatoes (not to mention pizza and focaccia) are often our favorite food and, above all, that matches the longer the sense of hunger and satisfies the stomach.
In a very restricted diet, however, must be reduced to the maximum: to be able to lose pounds fast, every day should not be granted more than 60 grams of carbohydrates.

Proteins, therefore, are the most recommended food, but not only those of meat, fish and eggs are mainly legumes those that contain more lean and similar proteins, satisfying plus the stomach for several hours.

To be avoided alcohol, fried foods, sauces, type of animal seasonings, limiting the olive oil to the maximum to a spoon (2 teaspoons) per day for a very restricted diet.
They can come to our aid as an alternative spices and natural flavors, and especially the way you cook.

The dietary cuisine par excellence is steamed, which does not require any seasoning, but also cooking on the plate and in the oven – without added oil – are perfect.

Equally enemies of the diet are all the sweets, sausages and cheese, but also most of the dairy products, with the exception of fresh ricotta, which is very skinny.

Here is how to make up the diet of one week, which means about 1,050 calories a day.
It is seven days that will put you – in any case – to the test and that will necessarily be followed by a weight maintenance diet, more balanced and complete.


At breakfast:
125 grams of plain yogurt butgro with 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, a kiwi fruit, tea or coffee unsweetened.
100 grams of the season and a cup of green tea unsweetened fruit.
A fruit juice (orange, grapefruit, …) or a carrot juice and a cup of green tea without sugar.


At lunch:
100 grams of fresh ricotta cow, 200 grams of green salad (corn salad, lettuce, arugula, Belgian, radicchio), 30 grams of rye bread.
At dinner:
150 grams of sole or cod baked with 80 grams of boiled potatoes, 200 grams of steamed spinach, 30 grams of white bread.


At lunch:
60 grams of pasta with zucchini or fresh tomato and basil, 200 grams of mixed salad of lettuce, carrots and celery.
At dinner:
150 grams of grilled chicken breast and 200 grams of boiled green beans.


At lunch:
Mixed salad with 1 hard-boiled egg, the third grams of shrimp, salad greens, tomatoes, carrots and corn 30 grams, 30 grams of rye bread.
At dinner:
A hearty vegetable soup (no potatoes) and a choice of legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, …), 200 grams of grilled zucchini, 30 grams of white bread.

At lunch:
– 70 grams of dried beef with lemon juice, 200 grams of red radish and tomato salad, 30 grams of rye bread.
At dinner:
150 grams of trout or sea bass baked in foil, 80 grams of potatoes, 200 grams of chard and cauliflower steamed.

At lunch:
– 60 grams of rice with chicory or with peas, 200 grams of fagiolini boiled.
At dinner:
– A generous plate of vegetable soup (no potatoes), 150 grams of baked pumpkin, 100 grams of grated carrots with lemon juice.

At lunch:
– 10o grams of lean beef (hamburger) and 200 grams of mixed grilled vegetables (no potatoes), 30 grams of rye bread.
At dinner:
– 150 grams of seafood salad (warm or cold) with squid, cuttlefish, shrimp, octopus, and 200 grams of green salad and tomatoes, 30 grams of white bread.


– 90 grams of canned tuna in brine (drained weight), 200 grams of mixed salad with tomatoes, lettuce, radicchio and arugula, 30 grams of rye bread.
At dinner:
– 120 grams of turkey breast plate with rosemary, 200 grams of green beans boiled or steamed cabbage, 30 grams of white bread.

For us it is very important to remember the following:

Any news or advice on diets or diets contained on the site shall be construed for informational purposes only. This information should never replace the personal advice of a dietician or nutritionist. Therefore, any decision taken on the basis of these indications must be understood as a personal and according to their own responsibilities. An indicative food program in fact, can not in any way a substitute for the medical choices, which is always the decision maker and the final charge.



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    stefania October 30, 2013

    mi puo mandare una dieta scritta sulla mia e mail??

  2. Avatar
    stefania October 30, 2013

    ho urgenza di una dieta…devo sposarmi e ho bisogno di dimagrire..mi puo inviare una dieta sulla mia e mail??

  3. Avatar
    stefania October 30, 2013

    quanti kili si perdono con questa dieta??

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      Aly January 07, 2014

      Anche io vorrei saperlo.

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    elisa March 02, 2014

    mi puo’ inviare una dieta sulla mia e- mail…devo perdere 10 kg in poco tempo…grazie

    • Avatar
      Isabella April 02, 2014

      Importantissimo cosa mangi,quindi eliminare carboidrati e dolci, ma cosa più importante ALLENARSI,Correre,camminare!!!!!!!!! Senno’ tutto inutile!

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    teresa April 29, 2014

    Dopo la gravidanza ho iniziato a mangiare male e in modo disordinato. Può darmi una mano a trovare una dieta giusta. Grazie

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    Matteo M. D. May 12, 2014

    Consigli saggi, per fortuna esistono blog come il vostro che promettono progressi e non miracoli!

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    Cinzia September 03, 2014

    Ho urgente bisogno di perdere peso , vorrei provare quetsa dieta ma purtroppo sono intollerante al latte vaccino e derivati potrebbe , potrebbe mandarmi una dieta sull mia e mail?

    • Avatar October 17, 2014

      ciao Cinzia, noi non facciamo consulenza e per una dieta è necessario un medico. Se hai bisogno di una consulenza alimentare puoi contattare la nostra nutrizionista, Dr. Claudia Troiani. I suoi riferimenti li trovi all’interno della rubrica ‘i consigli della nutrizionista’.

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    luciana puleo September 25, 2014

    per perdere almeno 5 kg

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    Lucia Fedele April 12, 2015

    Salve. Qualcuno mi sa dire quanto si riesce a perdere seguendo alla lettera questa dieta. Misembra valida ed equilibrata

    • Avatar
      Claudia Troiani April 30, 2015

      Ciao Lucia,
      la perdita di peso dipende da diversi fattori e non è uguale per tutti (età, metabolismo, massa magra, massa grassa, ecc.). Per come è strutturata la dieta di una settimana soltanto in una settimana si dovrebbero perdere circa 1-1,5 Kg. Dopo una settimana puoi continuare con una dieta equilibrata, sullo stesso stile di questa ma andando ad aumentare gradualmente apporto calorico e quantità di carboidrati amidacei (pane, pasta e cereali, preferibilmente grezzi e/o integrali).

  10. Avatar
    Lucia Fedele April 12, 2015

    Salve. Qualcuno ha provato questa dieta? Quanto si perde seguendola rigorosamente?

  11. Avatar
    Chiara June 13, 2015

    Non credo sia sana ed equilibrata una dieta dove mangi quasi ogni giorno carne e derivati ( o pesce). Va bene la linea, ma la salute? Ogni dottore dovrebbe principalmente parlare della prevenzione del cancro e di altre malattie provocate dall’eccesso di proteine.

    • Avatar
      Claudia Troiani June 13, 2015

      Ciao Chiara, hai perfettamente ragione. Anche se, come avrai avuto modo di vedere leggendo le varie diete, esistono diverse scuole di pensiero su maggiore o minore apporto di proteine nella dieta. Diversi medici hanno elaborato regimi alimentari più ricchi in proteine, altri invece sostengono quello che giustamente dici tu, ovvero che l’apporto di proteine, in particolare quelle animali, non deve essere eccessivo. Poi occorre valutare anche la qualità degli alimenti, le modalità di cottura, e tante altre cose sulle quali si potrebbe parlare per ore. Per la tua specifica domanda, la dieta che stai guardando è infatti da seguire “per una settimana soltanto”, quindi non deve essere un’abitudine alimentare. In ogni caso niente può sostituirsi al consiglio del medico, e prima di intraprendere un regime alimentare bisognerebbe sempre rivolgersi a un dietologo o nutrizionista.

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    elisa balestra January 12, 2016

    ciao vorrei che mi mandate una dieta adatta al mio fisico sono in menopausa o dei problemi allo stomaco come reflusso gastrico e ernia ietale vorrei dimagrire e non so come fare peso 78 kg alta 1,69

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    Carola March 01, 2016

    Scusi dottoressa Troiani, dopo questa dieta di una settimana, cosa dovrei mangiare ?


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