How to burn fat: a suitable workout and a proper calorie intake

Training long and slow

  The calorie burning is greater when making a high-intensity exercise, but your body burns fat stores more efficiently when the exercise is to moderate. Lots of gym equipment like treadmills and bikes, are typical ways to burn fat (in fact allow the aerobic exercise swing) during which your body is going to burn the fat deposits and carbohydrate in equal measure. With increasing intensity of your exercise your body will convert carbohydrates more accessible (glycogen) into energy.

If you are not fit enough, a lower intensity workout is ideal. You can choose from a wide variety of exercises that you like and get a greater pumping of your heart through activities such as a bike ride, an outdoor running, swimming etc.

How do you tell if you are doing an aerobic activity "fat burning"? in theory you will feel tired, but relieved and satisfied. A test can be to have difficulty in performing a short conversation: if you stay out of breath, then you are working in the right way!

Hard and fast workout

The opposite of a low-intensity workout is a workout HIIT (high intensity interval training). It is a high-intensity workout done: running, cycling and circuit are typical activities. It is practically impossible to work at a certain intensity for a long time, so these types of exercises lasting up to 20 minutes.

The advantage is to be able to burn the same amount of calories of a low intensity workout, but in less time. So if you are short on time, you may be able to burn15 minutes the same amount of calories, which instead with another type of training would burn in one hour.

Your body will be found to work under anaerobic conditions during the activity, which means it will generate energy without oxygen. The big advantage of performing frequency with this type of training is to be able to carry out the exercises under anaerobic conditions for much longer. then you are able to take long swims in the sea, or unlimited riding!

To increase muscle mass

  When we talk about fat burning, body composition makes the difference. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest so, we hold more muscle mass under better control. That means no muscle to the "tug of war", but rather to tone and maintain the balance of the composition of the body.

A workout based on the resistance is the best way to build muscle and therefore, a program based on weight loss, will be based on the combination of a cardio exercise and strength training as well as more easily lose pounds and develop muscle mass.


You have to know where they come from calories

The body uses the nutrients in different ways, so it is helpful to know where the calories come from. Dietary fat, for example, are more "fattening" of proteins or carbohydrates because they are less susceptible to be used to fuel your body. The body uses proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the following ways:

  • Carbohydrate is the main source of energy of the body and is the nutrient that promotes the power of exercise, but assume too much can lead to weight gain.

1gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories.

  • Protein: helps to build muscle, and more muscle leads to a higher metabolism. The body also burns more calories metabolizing the protein that burns carbohydrates or fat in a process known as "thermal effect" of food.

1 gram of protein = 4 calories.

  • Fat: in moderate amounts, supports the absorption of vitamins and helps the production of hormones, but you should never eat too much, because the body can do little with it if you do not keep it.

1 gram of fat = 9 calories.


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