what if your diet becomes a bankruptcy

Recently I met a man who was trying to lose weight. To do this was taking part in a ‘challenge six weeks’ run by a fitness trainer. In addition to increasing his exercise and cutting out alcohol, he was following what seemed like a very low content of carbohydrates, a diet without sugar.

First, it was in such a restrictive regime must ask for any food if it went well or badly. Second, he admitted that he did not think he would be able to keep up with this regime, a voltaterminata the challenge. He also recalled that he had gained, lost and regained a significant amount of weight in the past.

This was a person with a lot of motivation and desire to make a change for a healthier life; someone who has tried and succeeded in the past to lose weight, but then slipped back into old habits and gained more weight. But in spite of what I can only assume they were good intentions on the part of his coach, was making falling back into the old trap. She offered him only a temporary solution. He was not taking the permanent diet changes – was not learning anything about how to eat well for the rest of his life – he was just following the list of food ‘allowed’ foods and ‘forbidden’ by his coach. The odds were very high, it seemed to me, that the weight he had lost his ‘challenge’ was to return at once finished the diet.

Research shows that there are a lot of diets that work on weight loss. If you want to choose those low in carbohydrates, sugar-free, vegan, raw, Mediterranean or paleo, chances are you will lose weight. But research also shows that the only diet that works to keep the weight permanently is one that can dseguire for life. If your diet is not in tune with your life – then you’re destinato to fail. And this is why we have a market linked to diets whose entire mode of operation is to take advantage of the loop gain / loss / regain profit.

So if we reject the idea of ​​diet, how do you lose weight?

For me it begins with changing the way we think. We have to start thinking about an improvement in our health not to weight loss. Think not the denial or foods’ prohibited ‘, but to eat a bit’ of a wide variety of nutritious foods, and not banned anything? The purpose of any real change in the way we eat should be to get to a point where the foods you want to eat are also the foods that nourish us and make you feel good.



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