neutral packaging for sugary drinks

The consumption of sugar is in the spotlight again, but this time with the specific request to put sugary drinks into neutral tins as is happening for the packs of cigarettes.

This occurs after the Auckland University research has found that the neutral packaging was the most effective of several proven methods to discourage young people to choose sugary drinks. In the online study, neutral packing was found to be more effective than a tax on sugary drinks.

This is enough to strike at the heart of the world of the big brands in the sector, who wasted no time to assert that it is not fair to compare tobacco and sugary drinks. They are not the same thing.
It ‘true that half the people who drink sugary drinks will not die of cancer, as happens with cigarettes. It’s probably not fair to compare the damage of these two products from this point of view.

However, they have similarities. Many of these drinks do not have a very big difference in taste and we are sure that a neutral packaging would be damaging to the brand that made the image their must-leading consumers to choose according to the style and not to the taste.

As with everything in this discussion, however, we need to look at the big picture. It will not be something that solves the immediate problem of obesity. It will be a combination of things well if well implemented and monitored in the long term.



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