Poor nutrition and sports: a problem, especially for women

Sport has always been synonymous with health and well-being but as in all things it takes the right balance, in this case between exercise, nutrition and rest. Specifically associate poor diet and sports is the worst thing you can do.

This is a problem which above all with the female world that always has a bad relationship (even emotional) with speeches like body weight, weight loss, scales, and so on.

When a woman approaches the world of fitness and gym, the problem at the beginning of the trail is surely to make them understand the importance of muscle mass in body composition, then the usual basic difference between losing weight and losing weight and especially the role power. Probably the younger girls are also more susceptible to this problem.

As we know many women are scared unjustifiably by working out with weights, a subject that I have already discussed in great detail both here on Dietaonline and is in so many articles on muscularly.

But today I turn especially to the food side of the issue, because based on experience gained over the years, from me and other colleagues, if there is a common element in a large number of girls and women who train is poor diet and more like the ugly association between poor nutrition and sports

we mean by poor diet:

  1. unsuitable food choices or poor quality: the brioscina, the Barrettini (who may seem healthy because they chiabut "Vitasnella" or "Fitness something"), the biscuit, crackers, soy abuse and dairy products, canned foods, trans fats, hydrogenated fats, vegetable fats etc.)
  2. Low supply in quantity and calorie levels in general
  3. Combination between point 1 and point 2, which is a disaster!

These, unfortunately, are the main situations which then lead to problems of catabolism, lean mass loss, inflammation … and then water retention, cellulite and more.

Of course I'm talking about all those slender girls, active and sports, who have a certain respect for the body and have the desire to stay in shape. I turn certainly not to those who do back and forth from one bakery and have a food culture equal to that of Homer Simpson.

Generally it is not very difficult to understand that certain foods are not very suitable. Once you have placed your choices, the biggest problem perhaps is instead linked to the quantities (and here probably back the specter of the balance and the phobia of gaining weight).

Speaking of poor nutrition and sports, so we refer to diets definitely insufficient to support a day made up of more training work. There is talk of little protein-energy nutrition. And for someone we are already encroaching into malnutrition.

There would then be appointed various "weight-loss" strategies often adopt, such as eliminating carbohydrates , which in most cases turn out to be a failure … but today we stop to the main theme because the speech would become too large. If you want further adviceor reading this article .

Established so that we talk about sports subjects, what happens when you eat too little? Or when the power is not enough to cover the actual daily requirements?

  • You lose lean tissue (muscle mass)
  • It reduces the metabolic rate
  • Cala hormone production
  • It returns to accumulate fat

It then triggers a kind of vicious circle that leads to the failure of a program, and even the worsening of the situation.

I'm not sure a novelty statements like: "But I do not understand, I do not eat almost anything, is already so if arrival in 1200 Kcal, and yet not lose a gram, in fact I always see worse."

Of course my girlfriend, did you get your metabolic rate under the shoes, and that way you will only get worse! At that point, you're forced to consider investing a bit 'of time to return to that blessed metabolism returning to eat properly, otherwise how can you turn down something that is already too low?

Of course it is true that to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit but you have to plan things carefully, which means first customize, through certain calculations which establishes its requirements, otherwise the deficits create it … from what ?? And then to be inserted for example cyclical ups to provide nourishment to lean tissue and avoid a drastic drop in metabolism.

And finally hypocaloric diet should never be continued for too long in time, precisely for all the problems just seen.

ScarYou know eating and sport: not only aesthetic problems …

The aesthetic side is just the last piece, that worries because "we see", but in reality we are talking about an organization that is probably suffering!

Taking for example an exam with bioimpedance with professional equipment, we see that in these cases there are already problems affecting the organs that are tired … and bone mass, which is already suffering for groped to buffer acidic and inflammatory situation of ' body, losing minerals from bone matrix.

Often conscious girls who train, have already understood what foods to choose from, so they have a clean diet, certainly not in vain from Mc Donald's! They have already realized that you should choose vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, whole grains and so on. For them, however, still the problem of quantity! ARE ALMOST ALWAYS undernourished!

"To the eye of a bioimpedance examination done with standard equipment, most of the girls (slender) are cataloged under malnutrition …"

Because the whole is also associated with uncompensated physical effort.

In cases of mild or moderate protein-energy malnutrition can occur a modest reduction in plasma albumin and urinary excretion of urea, due to reduced food intake of proteins that reflect the reduced growth. Situations that indicate muscle catabolism; catabolites are reversed in the extracellular fluids and has an extracellular water increase for "replacement."

Malnutrition, excess of acidifying foods and prolonged fasting, can thenalso cause inflammation and metabolic acidosis.

Do you understand now how the association between poor nutrition and sports is really something devastating to the body?

Also if you have inflammation and acidosis is not a physiological condition that makes working very hard in the gym. If you are fired / a Hypertrophy do not do it! Also, if the work is set badly, we risk worsening the situation.

In very simple words, when you exercise you must eat adequately in quantitative terms, from there you can not escape!

The path is long, especially the principle serve CONSTANCE and PATIENCE, then over time will become natural to prepare the right things to eat, the right amount without stress, until it becomes a habit, a true lifestyle.

Every individual is a world unto itself, there is the perfect universal power, so stop following those silly diets of comics! Do not be afraid to eat, do not be afraid of weights and aims to become stronger … A physical FORTE is also a physical TONIC / MUSCLED / HEALTHY / SEXY. That must be maintained with proper nourishment!

In light of all that we have said today, it is obvious that you can not judge a priori the problem without doing the thing that should be done in these cases, that measure! A tip I can give to avoid poor nutrition and sports combination, is to make a test, for example by downloading one of those comfortable App for the management of the calories and especially of macronutrients. No, I'm not saying you have to go crazy and become dependent on numbers, but simply wanted to see the whole program your "typical day" from breakfast to dinner, inputting all foods and their quantities and then eventually occurhow many calories and macronutrients've actually introduced.

"You can not manage what you can not measure"

I guarantee that in most cases people remain totally astonished than are far from their real needs … and here we put in even most of those who call themselves hardgainer, dry, with too fast metabolism etc. etc. The truth is that they often do not eat enough!

poor nutrition and sports

Ah well, of course you have to know your daily calorie needs, starting perhaps with a beautiful body composition assessment . This is the only way to avoid blunders like to do things at random or to associate poor diet and sports.

How you say? It seems all complicated? Well no one ever said it would be easy, after all look around, how many people really fit, those that did make it to change, to lose weight, improve body composition etc.? Not many … They are the ones who wanted to slam.

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