sgarro of meal: helpful or counterproductive?

That of sgarro meal or free meal (Cheat Meal) is a speech that sooner or later jump off on time in the environment Fitness, Bodybuilding, diets etc., Is now guaranteed.

Surely most people find it really hard to keep a constant speed "without sgarra" for a long time, this also often given a bad basic nutrition education. We say that those who have been raised with some dietary discipline (few), feels today much less the need to get out as much of the box.

Then there are those who allow themselves the Cheat Day, or Day of bad mistake, precisely where you eat what you want for a whole day, which often turns into something quite pitiful. As you can easily imagine I am opposed to this practice, so in this post we will talk about "a bad mistake meal" and not of sgarro day.

Although I'm not a big fan, but I have to say that there are many cases in which a "more free meal" in the week, could also become a something useful … of course as with everything if you use common sense.

In such a case it should therefore be more like the quantities to make a difference. Overeat sweets, refined foods and unhealthy foods is not only not a good idea but it could create many problems. Not to mention the fact that if you continue to enjoy certain sgarra probably feeds the addiction to certain foods which in most cases should just disappear. Some live just waiting for that …

People focus more on that one of sgarro meal on the remaining 34 of the week.

So when the sgarro meal might be useful?

When you are in the process of definition tOne, when you want to lose weight and then you put on a diet, we often tend to go down too with the weekly calorie intake, in which often leads to a decrease in metabolism and general hormonal situation, situation anything but advantageous.

For those who usually trains with weights would be the maximum you can always have the anabolic arrow up and this can only happen if the feeding and rest are adequate training.

To put it in very simple words as long as you eat a lot and goes, there are far fewer obstacles on the way, of course, when the subject is well and in physiological balance.

When did jump out the problems? When it drops too much with the calories and nutrients!

Already works so unfortunately, your body is something extremely complex and too often we tend to want to simplify things …

Without going into too complex speeches that would leave the issue, the power should be such as to be able to support intense training, if it does not, if you eat too little, if you are the typical errors such as completely removing carbohydrates etc. , they end up bring down the metabolism and up losing what you should not, or even that hard-earned muscle mass, I recommend that you thoroughly study this article .

You can not stay forever in deficit, that sooner or later you pay.

In these cases a sgarro meal can help bring a bit 'of balance in the weekly calorie budget. And here it would be more appropriate to call meal
In light of all this free meal it might therefore be considered a something positive enough?

Yes and no. It all depends on how you set it.

sgarro of meal: worse overdriven with carbohydrates or fat?

Here too the answer is the one that gives you more frequently in this environment: IT DEPENDS.

So basically it depends on who are you, out of your body composition, from your goals, how you want to be specific, from how you usually eat in everyday life etc.

People used to follow such diets with many carbohydrates, say approximately 50-60% of the calories and with a substantial caloric intake, is a good "oxidizer sugar" and most likely better tolerates a Sgarro carbohydrate, such as a plateful of pasta.

Who normally is fed by high fat and few carbohydrates, probably it tolerates one better lipid sgarro.

Certainly have a high glycemic load in conjunction with a high intake of fat, it is a sure way of growing a belly … and beyond. Christmas dinner, the wedding dinners and various celebrations, are the perfect example of what you should not do.

Even the consumption of trans fats is terrible to be avoided like the plague, anyway. In my opinion there should be no exceptions for those. Trans fats, hydrogenated fats, fried seed oils, etc., Are unhealthy ingredients that remain in the body for a long time and it takes a long time to fully recover from their effects. Prevents just to have certain foods in the pantry!

Stir trans fats and glucose-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is another youa disastrous attempt to not only the turtle, but health itself. perfect example of this: french fries and Coca Cola (or other drinks).

Even McDonald's is not a good example of how and where do the sgarro meal.

If you are in the process of mass, free meal does not make much sense in terms of benefits for the body, because the calorie intake should already be higher than normal. The only benefit can only be on a mental level, perhaps to break a certain routine.

As I have said on many occasions, let us take off from the head of the fact that it "has mass" you can eat crap, you have to worry about eating to put on muscle , not to become the little man of the Michelin.

Those who follow special arrangements like the paleolithic diet, if every weekend is granted a pizza, simply is throwing down the toilet all the possible benefits that could be effected by that philosophy (always assuming that there are any). In this case overdriven with gluten it is just the stupidest thing to do, as the Paleo has among its cornerstones precisely to eliminate it. Remember that it takes 15 to 30 days to remove all traces of gluten from the body, so if sgarra that way, you're not just in Paleo.

In this case it might be smarter getting a nice risotto, paella, sushi, baked potatoes …

Finally, remember that just because there is a weekly calorie budget to reference, let yourself go too much in the free meal may lead you to eat much more than we imagine, affecting anything but positive.

Finally we saw that the meal can sgarrobe useful to someone and extremely counterproductive for someone else, the secret is, therefore, always to customize as much as possible and in any case try to always have a minimum of respect in the choice of food even in such circumstances.

… Ah one more thing: Remember that lie to your coach is like lying to yourself … if you did confess! 😉

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