The mindfulness makes you feel better at work

Stress in the workplace is on the rise, with 234,000 new cases reported last year by the LFS (Labour Force Survey). The main causes of this phenomenon come from work overload, strict deadlines, too many responsibilities and lack of support.

But what if we practice mindfullness for 15 minutes a day?

Yoga, awareness and nutrition have collaborated to create a winning combination. Basically it is working on a combination that combines awareness, nutrition and exercise.

You can do at your desk with your body only, pen, paper and a healthy snack as a protein-packed almonds.

If you’ve had a sleepless night or are you just a little ‘hungry, this routine could make the difference to your working day.

‘We have never in our top in terms of production or happy if your energy levels are low and we feel hungry, “says dietitian Lucy Jones, who co-created the sequence.’ This routine is designed to help address the labor and fatigue, as well as sustain that feeling of fullness. ‘

Mandy Jhamat, director of Yogasphere, adds: ‘domestic concerns are manifested in the physical, causing discomfort and tension in our muscles.



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