The time to understand our intestines

It 'very important to occasionally take time to listen to your body, because the physical well-being is an essential element for our happiness, or to improve our mood.

Here's what is important to inspect.

1. Are you anxious or stressed, do not underestimate the role of your intestines.
L 'intestines actually plays a lot of actions in your body – the brain receives all the credit for this, but in fact, the gut contains more nerve cells and brain connections and sends far more information to the brain than the other, ', says a natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola.

2. An unhappy = unhappy gut brain
An animal study reported in the journal Nature Communincations showed that some intestinal bacteria lead to anxious and depressive behavior when exposed to stress. The researchers concluded that it has everything to do with the number of probiotics – microorganisms in the gut that stimulate the growth of good bacteria.

3. Knowledge is power
'They have shown that there are specific probiotic strains to reduce anxiety,' says Dr. Mercola. 'They produce different neurochemicals, such as GABA, which reduces stress hormones; serotonin, which, among other things, promotes good sleep; and dopamine, which plays a role in focusing, the pleasure and the motivation '.

'E' likely that these chemical substances, traveling between the gut and the brain, affect mental health – especially when you consider that the highest concentration of serotonin is located in the intestine, not in the brain, 'he added.

4. You can restore the balance
stress problems can be solved through a good balance of integratori probiotics – or fermented foods such as sourdough.


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