Tisanoreica diet

The Tisanoreica Diet is an eating patented system

conceived by entrepreneur Gianluca Mech, specializing in herbal sector, it is a weight-loss path defined by its creator as a "phyto-ketogenic diet" or a diet that takes advantage of ketosis mechanism to lead to weight loss.
Recall that when the body enters ketosis, means that it has exhausted all stocks of sugar and starts to burn fat and protein for subsistence.
The Tisanoreica diet is still commonly referred to as a high-protein diet, given the almost elimination of carbohydrates and high intake of proteins, and therefore widely criticized by supporters of the Mediterranean diet and balanced diets.
Official information can be found in the official website of the Diet Tisanoreica, which is as follows: http://gianlucamechspa.com/dieta-tisanoreica/

The diet of the Tisanoreica Diet is based on a 20-day protocol variable duration (base protocol) and 40 days (collision protocol).
The Mech method involves two phases: the first phase is called intensive and are completely eliminated carbohydrates and fats; during the day will take four dishes PAT (Tisanoreica Food Portion) that are sold in herbal medicine or pharmacy, in addition to classic food such as vegetables, meat, fish and eggs.
Defined in the second phase of stabilization is gradually reintroduce carbohydrates with low glycemic index, such as whole grains. Remain prohibited pure sugars and alcohol and take two PAT certified Tisanoreica meals a day.

What to eat in a tisanoreica diet?

The tisanoreica dishes (PAT) are a mix of herbs, vitamins and mineralspowder that are cooked in water: the result are dishes with the taste and the original form of the food (eg. pasta with meat sauce, chocolate milkshake), but of course without the original food nutrition.
They consist of proteins integrated the actuator Tisanoreica: a mixture of eight plants (papaya, pineapple, Mallow, Star Anise, Fennel, Artichoke, Dandelion, Senna) whose properties are the promotion of the proteolytic activity and increased nutrient availability (in practice break down the proteins to activate the metabolic pathways in the absence of carbohydrates) and stimulation of digestive and liver secretions for an improvement of intestinal peristalsis.
Then there are decoctions, herbal products to be diluted in water obtained with "the ancient techniques of Decottopia of Mech family," natural and free of alcohol. In any decoction there are at least 10 plants. Functional extracts under the Protocol are usually four (purifying, ormoregolatore, diuretic and tonic), but the medical assessment of a Tisanoreica expert determines from time to time the type of extract and dosage most appropriate to the subject who is following the diet.
The Dishes Tisanoreiche (PAT) and Decottopirici Extracts (decoctions) act synergistically to the body's health.

Here are some examples of the daily diet Tisanoreica:

1) in the intensive phase:
at breakfast, a cappuccino Tisanoreica (1 PAT); lunch omelette Tisanoreica cheese with vegetables (1 PAT); for snack, a chocolate mousse Tisanoreica (1 PAT); dinner at the soup Tisanoreica vegetables and a steak with vegetables (1 PAT).
2) in the stabilization phase: you can re-introduce whole-grain breads and pasta, and slowly reduce the dishes in poltrue.
For example, at breakfast yogurt with blueberries Tisanoreica (1 PAT); lunch a slice of meat with vegetables; for snack a cream to vanilla Tisanoreica (1 PAT); dinner rice and a fish fillet with vegetables.

Once the Tisanoreica Diet for weight maintenance is reached the post protocol that includes two food routes: the first is the TisanoreicaVita menu, which includes the use of the line TisanoreicaVita dish. It is used in case of considerable thinness, when it may be necessary to further slow but steady weight reduction, maybe in a Tisanoreica Protocol and the next. The second is the Post-Tisanoreica menu, which provides balanced low-calorie eating patterns, necessary to keep the weight off and keep the result, which involve the use of Tisanoreica dishes if customer wishes, while it is crucial to continue with decoctions, part the menu.

The Diet Tisanoreica, which would in any case checked at least by your doctor (although Tisanoreica experts make a questionnaire of initial assessment), it remains a highly unbalanced diet, and this is contraindicated for people with diabetes, pregnant women and lactating women, children and adolescents, individuals with kidney or liver failure problems.
It enables the rapid loss of many pounds, up to 12 pounds in 40 days, but remember that is based primarily on foods in bags, patented, whose cost is very high. Each PAT costs about 4.50 euro, for a total cost of diet that is around 600-800 Euros.
Also missing completely the concept of nutrition education, because they consume food in bags, alimenyou synthetics that have nothing to do with the real power, or with a healthy diet, and this can lead to gain weight after the end of the diet.

For us it is very important to remember the following:

Any news or advice on diets or diets contained on the site www.dietaonline.it shall be construed for informational purposes only. This information should never replace the personal advice of a dietician or nutritionist. Therefore, any decision taken on the basis of these indications must be understood as a personal and according to their own responsibilities. An indicative food program in fact, can not in any way a substitute for the medical choices, which remains the final decision-maker and manager


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  1. Avatar
    Anna February 27, 2013

    La Tisanoreica mi ha davvero ringiovanito, ho perso 9kg in 40giorni, è stato davvero un sollievo per me poter dimagrire dopo tutti i chili presi dopo le feste.C’è infine sono dimagrita mangiando brioches, grissimi, pasta e tante altre cose buonissime. Ora posso dire di sentirmi rinata e ringiovanita. Questo è il loro sito: http://gianlucamechspa.com

  2. Avatar
    Dietaonline.it February 27, 2013

    Ciao Anna,

    grazie mille per averci lasciato la tua testimonianza.
    Sarà utile a molti!

    Buona giornata

  3. Avatar
    fernanda March 04, 2013

    grazie per la tua testimonianza ho fatto pure io la tisanoreica e devo dire che mi sono trovata bene grazie

  4. Avatar
    Dietaonline.it March 04, 2013

    Ciao Fernanda,

    grazie mille anche a te per la tua testimonianza!

    A proposito….. presto il sito sarà proprio dedicato alle testimonianze dei nostro lettori!
    Stay Tuned

    Buona serata

  5. Avatar
    fra March 09, 2013

    ciao anna come si fa ad intreprendere la dieta ?c’è un protocollo?vorrei farla ma non so da dove iniziare…grazie

  6. Avatar
    Dietaonline.it March 09, 2013

    Ciao Fra,
    in attesa che Anna ti risponda puoi cercare il protocollo per iniziare la dieta sul sito ufficiale della Tisanoreica.
    L’indirizio internet è indicato sia nel commento di Anna, sia all’inizio del nostro post!

    Buona giornata a tutti

  7. Avatar
    simona February 01, 2016

    Ho. Problemi con il peso non ce la faccio più


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