Would you like to get wellness and health? Change your lifestyle!

Too often healthy people tend to think that everything is left to chance and fate, when actually health and wellness depend on our lifestyle.

Unfortunately it’s common to see people that thinks that health only depends on uncontrollable circumstances. In fact in many cases the it depends upon the choices you make.

Many think that the disease is something that “you come”, which is entered your life materializing out of nowhere and for no reason, and not something that YOU create, directly or indirectly, with your lifestyle!

Because then a certain disease “is” to you and not someone else?!?

And here we are very good at creating alibis, such as “family history”, genes and so on …

The reality is that many do not recognize their own responsibility in this and end up inevitably to “delegate” everything to someone else … then just as happens with health professionals, by burdening them with maybe even certain responsibilities.

But it is the way you live determines what you are! It’s called Life and that is what decides directly and indirectly your future. If you want to increase your level of health and well-being you must learn to live, not survive.

For lifestyle means not only how you eat and how you exercise but also how to behave in the space of their day. Habits, schedules, defects, quality of sleep, way of thinking, way of dealing with situations and so on. Well here I think there is no need to learn anything about smoking and alcohol, because otherwise it would be useless to speak of the rest if you already have the worst of the worst was part of your life …

And then, when you live, you think, you move, you train and you food in the right way, everything comes fromif.

Now try to stop a moment and think about these small details:

  • The poor doctor in most cases does not know absolutely anything about your lifestyle … so how can imagine why you might be coming a disease? Often he finds himself groping in the dark ..
  • He can help to stifle the symptoms of this “disease”, while ignoring the causes YOU create to produce it.

And here it is triggered so that sort of typical of life today vicious circle:

  1. Live ignoring the consequences of their lifestyle and their health.
  1. If and when “presents” a disease (?!?) You go to the doctor.
  1. If and how the Doctor is able to “heal”, we continue undeterred as before, hoping that the disease does not “return” …

Let me be clear, this is not absolutely serve to discredit the work of doctors, until proven otherwise

is they who save lives,

certainly not the prayers! They are the ones with the science to cure the bad disease and cancer, not the morning the water and lemon or the mountains of Chinese herbs.

All this would simply serve to open your eyes a little bit, to act to


and maybe not even get to the doctor, or at least get there and prepare in other conditions.

All diseases, directly or indirectly, are linked to profound psychological causes, emotional, traumatic and behavioral.

Yet it would be enough to remember that a few simple steps on daily habits, can have a profound positive impact on the state of health and energy, because health and well-being depend on the lifestyle.

… And then I thinklarmente.com/aumentare-la-massa-muscolare/ “target =” _ blank “>



a few kilograms of muscle more

could radically change your life …

People lose so much time and complain and make excuses … but if that same time I dedicate for example in some training more, to move more and

, they would all be much more toned, healthy and happy.

own power talking think about this:

You eat every day, several times a day (especially in the fitness industry made meals and regular snacks) … And every single food you ingest is assimilated and quickly entered in your own blood, which in turn bathes your own tissues, which in turn are transformed into your internal organs, which in turn are transformed into various “devices” (digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, etc.), which ultimately make up your entire body.

So tell me: how do you underestimate you for most

“are what you eat”?!?


How do you think that

“you come up a disease”

(and go to the poor doctor groping in the dark), without thinking that there is something to improve in what you are eating every day?

Think about it! And stop constantly finding excuses to delay the most important work: take over responsibility for your health and longevity, through a ‘

. Do something now to improve this fundamental parameter.

On the one hand there are the lazy, or rather, those

attached to the taste

of certain foods such as pizza, pasta, bread andcc., foods that create a real addiction!

The abuse of the three P

traditional Italian …

No my friend, pizza and pasta carbonara does not mean doing the Mediterranean Diet! Shove it into your head! It is the typical average dell’Italianazzo mistake …

Not to mention other foods even more junk!

The more a person “eat well” (processed foods, meats every day, fried, starchy abuse, preserved, canned, devitalized, “fake”, unsuited to its own constitution, in combinations and incorrect proportions, etc.), The more mentally clouded and can not figure out who is eating badly. You even try to explain it to us, but the person can not understand. How healthy food makes the shiny and brilliant mind, what it makes it unhealthy and dull misty.

Meanwhile, the world’s obesity statistics continue to rise with impressive numbers … and in Italy we have already reached the sad primates, especially among the little ones!

Now the vegetables are just as an old memory of his grandmother …

Ahh and then there are the phenomena:

“Oh, but natural foods cost too much”!


Congratulations genius! Have you ever wondered what is the cost of losing the most precious of all,

the Health?

And then run with an iPhone from 800 Euros and I … I do not have inc … um … angry?

What today savings in time and money you pay at health tomorrow.

Today’s choices will be your body tomorrow.


How to have health and wellness: move more!

Now I think I’ve said in many different ways but I have no problem to repeat it again and again: the

is the worst nemesis in recent years. killsmore wars, drugs, smoking, alcohol etc.

We are not designed to sit all day, we are made to move, forever!

Office, sofa, car … Who spends most of the time sitting, has the body that fights a constant struggle, has the mitochondria of cells asleep (in addition to having less in number) and consequently all biochemical processes being undermined.

Sedentary life

Statistically, an adult who spends most of his day sitting, is subject to a higher than 50% mortality rate.

And without thinking of postural problems, which we will not this time because it would take a long article just for that …

As I also explained in

, if a person is sedentary life, even the classic 3 workouts per week, they are no longer sufficient to compensate for the situation.

Set yourself today as a habit to

move and walk more,

do it perhaps as a good way of recovery after the summer break.

Stress … health and wellness enemy

Now it may sound strange, but the opposite of what we have just said, another parameter crucial to remember is represented by the quiet and consequently by the



If you never stop, if your body and your mind does not know the peace and quiet, your health deteriorates gradually … right away. We are all too stressed!

We crammed with convictions, often limiting and negative, about ourselves, including ovviamente beliefs on our health. These beliefs are almost completely wrong, especially negative ones about the future. And since our mind can not turn them into positive beliefs about the present, this – unfortunately – they have consequences.

Fixations of habit, the inability to change and above all the fixed thoughts (work, girlfriend, children, problems …) are those that generate most

chronic stress.


We recall in this regard that ugly formulina:


In very simple words, for a stressed person becomes extremely difficult (if not impossible) to break free from fat, especially abdominal and build a little ‘muscles.

The first watchword should be:



All these devices are those that make your lifestyle which in turn determines your health the quality of your life. So how to have more health and wellness?

By changing your habits

and starting today!



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