We present our nutritionist Claudia!

We wanted an address book where you can get in touch with a real expert on the subject because for us it is vital to communicate the correct message: diet means having an eating style and only a professional can give the right advice and the rules that must be followed. Dietaonline proposed content so as always we specify, are tips for a lifestyle that leads to well-being, but that should not be followed independently. this is why the new section on 'the advice of nutritionist'. Before entering the phonebook alive, we thought to Claudia Trojans to know her a bit 'better. Enjoy the reading!

From the passion for natural food and well-being comes the desire to make it work here is Claudia Trojans

Claudia looks: 'My name is Claudia Trojans, I'm 32 years old and live in San Benedetto del Tronto, a small town on the Adriatic Sea known as the "Riviera". Here I started my studies at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Camerino hosting here the degree course in Biology of Nutrition. Turning the study and nutrition for the maintenance of the health status and well-being, along with the food and natural food have always been a passion of mine, and finished his studies I decided to make my interests my work. So here I am, to try to convey to you my own 'passion And now a few questions:

Who are you?

Dr. Claudia Trojans, biologist nutritionist, and a lover of good (but healthy) food!

What do you do?

I carry out my nutritionist activities in the private sector in the territory of Marche and Abruzzo. CollaBoron actively to food education projects in schools, in particular with children in kindergarten and primary school. Along with other colleagues, in other sectors always related to the welfare of people (doctors, psychologists, graduates in physical education, etc.) We organize informational meetings open to the public for the purpose of spreading the importance of maintaining proper nutrition and a way of healthy life to live well and longer.

What does a nutritionist?

A nutritionist is responsible to set a personalized diet based on the state of health and eating habits of each individual. The goal to be achieved can be slimming or on the contrary the increase of muscle mass, but in any case the primary purpose is the improvement of the health status. For this a nutritionist based his work also and especially on nutrition, because ol s when you "learn" to eat correctly you can maintain long-term objectives achieved.

Why did you choose this profession?

The healthy diet has always been my great passion. As a child I spent most of the holidays by grandparents in the countryside, where I was always used to eating healthy, wholesome foods, I saw them go from farm to fork, and cook so simple and natural. I am so passionate about food, its origins, to healthy cooking and wanted to study how our health is affected by what we eat. Then at some point I decided that I was ready to turn the passion and knowledge gained in my work .

What is the difference between a dietician, a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A dietitian has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and specialized in Dietetics.It 'a doctor that can diagnose, order tests, prepare a diet, prescribe medication if deemed necessary. A dietitian is a health professional who follows a course of study in Dietetics lasting three years. Process eating plans like a nutritionist, who instead graduated generally in Biology or Sciences of human nutrition, paths of studies lasting five years. Nutritionists and dieticians can not prescribe medication or blood tests or make diagnoses, can still develop diets for subjects both in physiological conditions and in the presence of pathologies (diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.) but which have been previously diagnosed by a physician, typically the physician. People make a mess, and you always ch is better to ask to go, if your doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. In my opinion all figures are professionally trained in nutrition, so my advice is to choose the practitioner with whom is established the best and empathy with which you feel most comfortable with.

How important do you think a proper professional communication and medical when it comes to diets and diets?

It 's very important to learn to discriminate the correct sources, especially in network. When we type "diet" on Google we find everything from miracle diets developed by do not know who to professional advice, which sometimes can also be mixed, because on the subject of diets there are different schools of thought. In my opinion I distrust the miracle diets, read and assess all schools of thought, and I think there is still the standard diet that works for everyone, but we must also consider small changes in each case. So read and inform you, believe who propmiraculous no one prepared and infusions, always feel a professional before embarking on a diet is definitely, because a professional who studied and updates will be also able to clarify doubts with respect to what they read in newspapers or on the internet.

Dietaonline is renewing itself, you want to become a place to find advice on diets, nutrition, sports to find the true welfare and we are happy to have you on board! What do you feel to recommend to readers who want to start a diet route, well-being and health and who will follow your address book?

claudia_troiani I appeal directly to my future readers. I promise to commit to let you discover the "taste of dieting." By reading my column you will understand how each food is important for our health, what are the most natural methods of cooking, and it helps the diet to improve our state of well being. We'll discover how to lose weight but without losing the humor and the pleasure of being at the table!

What is the biggest mistake a person can make in terms of diet and nutrition?

Eliminate from your diet certain nutrients instead of abusing others. Crash dieting inevitably lead to slow metabolism and regain the lost pounds with interest. Consuming certain nutrients at the expense of others can lead to health problems. Another mistake is to believe in miracle pills or herbal tea or prepared. Do not you reach the desired physical form without a balanced diet and regular physical activity. And above all, never deprive yourself of genuine food, quality and taste to prepare and consume them in compagnia in favor of prepared milk shakes or of unknown origin.

Now we want to know you better: What is for you the well-being?

Smile when I look in the mirror. An early morning walk on the seashore. A fun evening at the table with old friends. Translated into "Food": food is not only nourishment and calories, but an integral part of our being and of our social life. Acquiring healthy eating habits will make us smile looking at us in the mirror, walking peacefully by the sea and will allow us to fully enjoy an evening in the company dedicated to good food.

Three qualities and three defects

And 'one of the few questions that I always put in difficulty, so step. But I can give you the contact of a friend who can tell me.

Do you practice sports? Which?

Born and raised in a coastal town, I love swimming. It 's my favorite sport and I practice whenever I can, in the pool or the sea. I'd like to try some other water sports, such as surfing, but for that I would need to seas and waves a little bit bigger!

What is your favorite food?

For the same reason the previous question I could never do without the fish in my diet. The food pyramid recommends eating at least two to three times a week, I go almost always more than the recommended allowance!

Where instead that just can not stand, but you know you have to eat because it is good for health?

The fruit of the winter season. To swallow an apple in December could take up to half an hour. Often I can into pieces, and they send down one at a time throughout the day. But then recover in the summer season!

Our readers will learn to know you, but if you want to contatTarti for advice and a personal visit where and how they can do it?

  • My website www.claudia-troiani.com find my phone number, my e-mail address and the studies addresses where I get to be able to book a tour.
  • The studies are in San Benedetto de Tronto (AP), Alba Adriatica (TE) and Villaraspa of Spoltore (PE) and all three get by appointment.
  • If you are geographically far away and use the Skype service can add me to your network and book an online consultancy, comfortably paying with Paypal.
  • If you do not have Skype also find me on http://www.specialistaonline.it/team-members/claudia-troiani/ where you can book in videoconferencing always you are paying via Paypal.

Thank you very much … .. for this interview. We leave greeting us with your motto?

I leave you with a wise Chinese saying: "The secret to live long is to eat half, walking twice, laugh three times. To love without measure. "Bel motto Claudia! Already we like you a lot, we can not wait to read your tips Claudia, see you next week with your first post!



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    GIULIA June 20, 2015


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    Marisa August 11, 2016

    mia sorella ha 11 anni ,è alta 159 e pesa 40 chili. Lei dice di non essere magra ma nella norma,ma i nostri genitori si preoccupano per lei. La sua costituzione non è fragile poiché essendo alta le ossa sono più grandi.
    Grazie mille .

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    Giovanni August 26, 2016

    Buona sera Dottoressa,
    volevo solo chiederle un consiglio, in seguito a disbiochek sono risulatato con Indicano di 49 mg/L, il che se non sbaglio indica presenza di disbiosi fermentativa.

    Ho letto che in questo caso non è consigliata l’assunzione di probiotici, in altre letture vedo che consigliano lactobacilli Acidophilus, enzimi digestivi e vitamine del gruppo B. Come mi devo comportare?

    In oltre riguardo alle diete in alcuni siti consigliano una maggior assunzione di frutta e verdura e in altri invece no, favorendo invece una maggior assunzione di carni magre e pesce.

    Mi potrebbe dare qualche suggerimento in proposito?

    Cordiali saluti


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